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Website FAQWorking with a professional website design firm should be exciting! We organize the process to turn your challenges into an LDRit Check Off List. Along the way there are often questions... Let's address a few of the most common.

  • How long does a custom website take?  We work as a Team with your staff to listen to your needs, learn about your target audience, and integrate the proper SEO tools into a design that you love. All websites are different, so an exact count of days is impossible. Most websites take 6 to 8 weeks. Large scale websites could take months. 
  • Is social media like Facebook necessary?  Your competition uses social media extensively! That's where your customers are! Utilizing social media is not a difficult thing. However if you find it too time consuming, ask about making LDRit  your social voice. 
  • I use Google. Are Directory Listings necessary? One-way links from Directory Listings improve your website's Search Engine Rankings. (More than 40% of online listings are inaccurate, incomplete, or missing.) LDRit SEM Directory Listings will index your website, and brand your business locally with targeted specific keywords / phrases, and links to your website. 
  • Should I add a blog to my website?  Blogs are a great way to keep the story going with real life stories. Blogs also give Google something NEW to look at, and will reward you for new content. 
  • Is it OK that all my reviews are on one site?  Having reviews on multiple sites increases your creditability. Plus the diversity of reviews helps your Google Places rankings! 
  • Does LDRit provide website hosting? Yes! Our LDRit Cloud Servers provide 99% Hosting Uptime, 365/24/7 Technical Support, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Website management

Web Services

Websites that are continually updated get found! Why? Because the new website content gives Google something new to crawl. Let LDRit get your website found! 

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Facebook marketing

Local SSM Marketing

Most Social Media Marketing professionals believe that 70% of your content should provide your fans with something that is valuable to your audience.

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VOIP telephone Communications


Save Money with a Unified business phone system - Choose the LDRit VOIP Telephone System. Just a few quick questions - and we can email a formal quote to you!

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