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The World Lives On Their Cell Phones These Days...

Videos on facebookYour clients are on Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms right now! A great way to attract them to your business is "Going Live". Create your own live streaming social posts...tell the world what your business is up to. Engage and inspire your clients, your audience with the life of an entreprenuer.

Recent surveys indicate that more than 50% of consumers want to see more videos from brands! More impressibe yet is that 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions. Consider your video a Customer Service!

Create a deeper connection with your clients by incorporating videos into your social media plan:

  • Create sharable, valuable, and fun content.
  • Tell your story - then ask your audience questions to encourage feedback.
  • Sharing newsworthy information about the changes in your industry, and information people will find interesting.
  • No one wants to hear a commercial... so don't hard "Sell" them on your products or services.
  • Great time to take advantage of videos. This is something the big brands are not taking full advantage of yet. 

Everyone wants to hire the expert; We absorb their advice like a sponge. We watch experts build and design on HGTV and other channels. Yet I hear small business owners say NO - I am NOT telling my clients how I do things. Guess what -- people that want to do things themselves are NOT going to buy from you anyway.

So Why Bother?

research onlinePeople Research. People want to know that they made a smart choice by hiring you. So give your customers the reassurance they want. Talk about the how and why in your selections. When is Product A the better choice? What are the risks of Option C? People are in general very savvy. They research, compare, study options... and judge if you, the small business owner, are the expert they are needing, or just another company.

Be their valuable resource.

  • Stay on top of business trends and communicate to your audience.
  • Offer insights into your methods and philosophy.
  • Focus on your industry, and communicate with blogs to your ideal customer. 

Shopping for something online? Surprised about all the competition? 

It doesn't take a shopper long to decide which company to drop from the selection pool. In a matter of seconds they click the X button and keep searching. 

online shopperSo What Makes Your Website Stand Out? 

If the perfect answer was the header is blue, and the pictures are 400 pixels wide, we would all be following that recipe. The answer is far more complicated. A quality website is useful, simple to navigate, fast to load, and attractive. 

  • First Impressions Matter - Update your company logo, and use it everywhere. Add to your email, your social media, your printed marketing. 
  • Website Audience - Define your audience, your ideal customer, and talk to them. Everyone else can "listen in" and shop at your store, too! 
  • Identify the keywords and phrases your ideal customer would use to find you. Add keywords to website article titles, and discuss in your articles. 
  • Organization - A well organized website with plenty of pictures and graphics keep visual interest, and increase time on site. The right picture can tell the story, and express a mood of joy or concern - or hunger. 
  • Now update your website for your ideal customer.  Your website designer can help you modern elements that say I am in business to serve You, Mr Ideal Customer. We'll choose what style, what colors, and fonts that work best for you. Will your ideal customer enjoy browsing and shopping on your website? 
  • Mobile Mobile Mobile. Everyone expects to research and shop on their tablets and smart phones these days. Face it - You Do Too! 

So, does your website connect with your ideal customer? If not, it's way past time to update your website.  

Your website is your company's resume. Make it stand out! LDR Interactive can help your business become more visible, more profitable, by establing a game plan that speaks to your ideal customer. Read more about Getting a Website That Works on the LDR Interactive website. 

Target Your Local Shopper:

Google Surveys report that on average, 75% of local mobile searches result in a local store visit within the same day.  28% of those local shoppers purchased!

shop local storeTo effectively gain the local mobile search shopper, your website needs to be mobile friendly and your Google Tools settings need to invite them to Shop Local. 

  • Mobile Friendly Websites are a must.
  • Are your best products displayed well on the website?
  • Do you offer in-store online shopping?
  • It's time to help your shopper research online and shop at your local store. 

As a Local Small Business Owner - You will appreciate the Google Mobile Device Tools available for Local Search:

Smartphones for Researching Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Recent reports confirm that more than 80% of shoppers read online reviews or research products online before purchasing the same item in a brick and mortar (retail) store. Online Researching has grown to become a critical customer segment for brick-and-mortar retailers to embrace...Smartphones aid consumers by providing them an online showroom.

Customers also search for products online while IN YOUR STORE! 

shopping online smartphoneAre your best products displayed well on the website? Do you offer in-store online shopping?

Smart Mobile Applications Are Designed to Bring your Smartphone Shoppers to your brick and mortar stores, to find products such as:

  • Appliances
  • Men's Clothing
  • Automobiles
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Toys and Games

How To Make Sure Researchers become Shoppers:

As more and more Brick and Mortar shoppers become ROBOs - "Research Online, Buy Offline" shoppers, help make their experience wonderful!

  • Check that your website provides easy to navigate E-Commerce solutions with detailed product descriptions.
  • Does your online store include cross selling, featured and clearance products?
  • Encourage your happy customers to provide online reviews.
  • Offer In-Store Rewards or Exclusive Offers on your website to capture their foot traffic. 
  • Have your business listed on quality SEM / Search Engine Marketing tools such as Online Directory Listings.
  • Brag about coupons, features and successes on social media channels. 
  • We'll get you FOUND on Google My Business for so shoppers find your store on their phone's MAP.

Upgrading the ROBO Experience:

Website management

Web Services

Websites that are continually updated get found! Why? Because the new website content gives Google something new to crawl. Let LDRit get your website found! 

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Facebook marketing

Local SSM Marketing

Most Social Media Marketing professionals believe that 70% of your content should provide your fans with something that is valuable to your audience.

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VOIP telephone Communications


Save Money with a Unified business phone system - Choose the LDRit VOIP Telephone System. Just a few quick questions - and we can email a formal quote to you!

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