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search engine marketingSocial Media is Google Juice!

Social Media is about developing relationships with one another. For a business, this means developing relationships with your clients. Fill the pages with SEO Rich keywords while giving your audience the research / education they seek. 

So what do I say to them? 

Most Social Media Marketing professionals believe that 70% of your content should provide your fans with something that is valuable to your audience.

The next 20% is to  promotion of your business.products and services.

The remaining 10% is for (your business related) humor. For example - a Realtor may make HGTV jokes; it's related. 

Relate to your audience across the Internet, using Enhanced Directory Listings, and Spreading the Social Conversation across multiple social media platforms: 

Get Your Business Found - Everywhere!

Promoting Your Website - is almost as important as having a website. So get out there... Use Advertising to increase website positioning.  Utilize Social Media techniques as followers are typically repeat clients.  

Contact the LDRit SMM Professionals to develop a social relationship with your clients.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Google Plus will get you more sales - and consumer loyalty. People recommend businesses they follow on social media! 

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Does your website include local keywords to draw the search engines to your local business? Your website is your Company "RESUME" so treat it as such!

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Local Directories

Get Found Everywhere! Accurate Directory Listings are the first step in online marketing. Combine with Google PPC (Pay Per Click) to dominate your local business online. 

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